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Here you can purchase tokens for a student that you wish to sponsor. These Tokens can then be used by the student to take courses on the Learn Ubuntu Website. Courses use between 1 and 3 tokens, depending on the complexity of the course. Most beginner courses, the first in each series, generally only require 1 Token. Upon Completion of the course your student will receive a personalized certificate outlining their achievement. All purchases are made securly through Paypal. All you need to know is their login email address for our website. Once your student - sponcee has signed up on our website they will be able to provide you with their email address that they use for their login. If you need help you can contact our tech support via email at info@learnubuntu.org
There is more information and video clips about our organization and our efforts, including descriptions of the courses, that you can access through the links on our home page Learn Ubuntu Website Home Page

And don't forget, the first Course, Learning Ubuntu Linux Basics is FREE! so your student can try before you buy at absolutely no cost or risk at all!
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